Learn how to use a Telescope.
Share the view with Others
Fight Light Pollution.


What We Do

We are a group of “Street Astronomers” who bring our telescopes to the city center. Then we invite people passing by to take a look. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to see the night sky up close, even in light polluted places. One by one, we bring astronomy to a new audience by bringing it to unexpected places. That means bars, clubs, and music festivals. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about astronomy! Most of our volunteers started by passing us by, and then coming back to learn more. Anyone with a telescope has the ability to share the view with thousands of others.

How We Do It

We are spontaneous and persistent. We go when the sky is clear to maximize the amount of outreach. This helps us to reach an audience outside the typical circles of science museums and observatories. And we believe that anyone can become an astronomer, anywhere, any time. Do you want to meet us? The best way is to contact us, and then we can put you in touch with local group organizers.