Join Us!

In the photo below, two of our street astronomers shows how telescopes activate public spaces. On a windy night in Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Wissam and Behzad set up a small refractor and point it at Jupiter. Within minutes, a crowd surrounds them, taking turns looking through, asking questions about the four moons, and wanting to know what else they can see. Our goal for 2024 is to create 100.000 new observers of the cosmos. Sounds crazy? We can do it – we need 20 volunteers, observing for 50 nights, meeting 100 people each night. But we need your help!

If you are an astronomer, would you consider meeting us with your telescope in the city center? We can use your knowledge and mentorship. Or, do you have some unused equipment that you would like to go toward astronomy outreach?

If you are a lighting designer or engineer, would you consider joining our outreach sessions to help us speak to the public about light pollution? We need your help to show how communities can rethink their relationship with light at night.

If you are an equipment vendor, would you consider donating broken equipment, such as refractors, eyepieces, tripods, filters, and diagonals, so that we can repair them and expand our outreach?

If you don’t know anything at all about astronomy – join us anyway! Our volunteers learn astronomy by passing us by and then coming back for more. We will teach to use telescope and help you find equipment so that you can join us.