Let’s show some people the moon!

Hey! If you’re interested in street astronomy, science outreach, or light pollution, then follow our adventures on this blog!
I want to convince you that there’s nothing more fun than performing astronomy in public. 99% of people have never seen the moon’s craters before.

We have the technology to launch telescopes into space that can see the edge of the Universe. I believe we also have the technology to see the Milky Way from the city center. What do we have to do? Change the lights. But what do we have to do first? Change our minds about the lights! If we can give everyone a chance to look through a telescope, and recognize a part of what we’re missing, maybe we have a chance of protecting our night skies for future generations.

Every society on Earth has a story about the night sky. It’s linked to our religions, our agriculture, our sense of adventure and wonder. But then came the electric light bulb. Even two generations ago, our grandparents lived in a much darker world. We are the first humans in history to grow up without a night sky.

All of this is why, a telescope, a 400 year old piece of technology, holds a certain power over us. The power to show us something we’ve never seen before. Yes, we could escape into the mountains and the deserts, take a photo of a nebula. But it’s much more fun to share the view with others. So let’s get out there and do some street astronomy! Stay tuned for future posts, and together we’ll learn how to become urban astronomers.

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